Energy Intelligence Africa Ltd provides solutions in Low Voltage and High Voltage electrical engineering installations, solar installations, street lighting and electrical installations maintenance among others. In addition, we have successfully carried out several electrical safety audits for clients to ensure that their workplaces are first and foremost safe and wholesome for their employees as well as compliant with all relevant statutes.

Our staff have over 18 years’ collective experience in construction of electrical power lines for the distribution of electricity at low voltage (440V), Medium voltage (11kV and 33kV) and High (132kV and 220kV) voltage.

Energy Intelligence Africa Ltd provide a complete range of Low voltage and High Voltage field testing and power plant commissioning services including full audits and performance studies to assess the technical, operational, reliability, safety and efficiency of power networks.

Our HV cable and transformer testing and power plant commissioning teams have the capability to undertake protection design, system studies and setting of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IE) used in substations, for all voltages up to and including 1MVA.

Our HV cable and transformer testing and power plant commissioning teams are experienced with equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • GE
  • Alstrom
  • Siemens
  • SEL
  • ABB
  • Schneider
  • RMS

We also test and commission secondary systems and can provide troubleshooting advice and investigative reports.

Our design engineers support our HV cable and transformer testing and power plant commissioning teams with a comprehensive suite of specialised software and our commissioning teams are outfitted with the latest in HV testing and commissioning equipment.