Whether integrating renewable energy or implementing energy management solutions – we proactively seek opportunities to introduce renewable energy and conservation measures into the energy mix of our customers and our own operations. Whether you are a manufacturer, hospital, university, or large commercial service provider, Energy Intelligence Africa Ltd will work with you to find the renewable energy solution that best suits your needs. All our technicians are trained and licensed by the EPRA for installation of Solar PV and Solar Water Heating Systems.


  1. Renewable energy consulting services – renewable energy feasibility studies (with focus on solar PV), trend and market analysis, market information, technical and non-technical training, policy development.


  1. Solar PV energy systems – system design, project implementation and project management of Solar PV energy systems, both grid-tie and off grid, solar resource studies, conduction of energy surveys, load forecast, identification and enhancement of productive use of energy.


  1. Project management – a start-to-finish management of solar and other off-grid renewable energy solutions, through a range of services including energy audits, energy solution recommendations, system design, sourcing of suppliers, sourcing of financing options, technical and ‘community’ training, after-service and more.