Energy Efficiency & Energy Audits

By providing a unique mix of energy services focused on complex capacity and reliability issues, we help our customers manage and leverage energy effectively

Water Audits & Water Management

Our water auditors are certified and the team has vast experience in water audits and delivery of Water Conservation Methods in a diverse range of facilities and industries

Renewable Energy Solutions

We proactively seek opportunities to introduce renewable energy and conservation measures into the energy mix of our customers and our own operations

Electrical Engineering

We provide solutions in Low Voltage and High Voltage electrical engineering installations, solar installations, street lighting and electrical installations maintenance among others

Energy & Water Savings Measurement & Verification

We provides solutions in mechanical engineering that include plumbing, drainage & sanitary fittings, fire protection & suppression, building maintenance unit

Green Building Certification Support

Green building incorporates design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and people.

Mechanical Engineering

Each Measurement and Verification (M&V) task serves to enhance and improve facility operation and maintenance of savings

Power Quality Analysis & Harmonics

Harmonic related issues became prominent with the proliferation of semiconductors and cause a variety of problems that are sometimes difficult to attribute and eliminate.

Domestic Solar & Backup Solutions

We’re so confident we can find the right solution for your solar needs. We’ll come to your home and walk you through all the options at no cost

Engineering Project Management Services

We believe in accurate reporting to our clients and have implemented stringent project controls for all our projects